Moving from one stage of life to the next can be confusing and uncertain. What is God’s path for me? How can I find it? Is this the right next step? Lisa Robertson, who has mentored women and led women’s ministries for more than three decades, understands the challenges of life’s changing seasons. Now Lisa offers seasoned wisdom, practical help and scriptural guidance in her book, The Path of Life: Walking in the Loving Presence of God.


Praise for The Path of Life:


“One of the most frequent questions that clergy hear is ‘What does God want me to do?’ With lucid prose and engaging personal stories, Lisa explains how the Scriptures answer that question. Recommended for clergy to share with their flock, The Path of Life will encourage, guide and bless those who want to do God’s will.”

The Reverend Andrew Buchanan, Senior Pastor, Galilee Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Our journey starts with a first breath and then the first step. We may take the high road, the low road, or the road less traveled. Robertson guides us via the Bible’s GPS on this amazing path of life. Enjoy the journey, for the destination is eternal. Read The Path of Life and reap the fruits either side of the path.”

Nigel Mumford, founder of By His Wounds, Inc., Speaker Author And Associate PRIEST, Galilee Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“No matter what path you find yourself on--whether it’s filled with surprises, hardships or joy--you’ll find your touchpoint in this  book. Drawing on more than thirty years of marriage, parenting, and following Christ, Lisa Robertson curates a wealth of scriptural insight and real-life stories that point us toward the best path of all: the path of life!”

Jodie Berndt, AUTHOR OF SEVERAL POPULAR BOOKS about Praying the Scriptures for Your Children, your teens, your adult children



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